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What is MCC?

The denomination of Metropolitan Community Churches was founded in October 1968 in Los Angeles by the Rev Troy Perry, a former Pentecostal Pastor who had been forced to leave his Church because of his sexuality. Troy dreamed of a Church which welcomed all God's people irrespective of race, class, gender or sexuality. Twelve people met for worship that first Sunday morning. Today, MCC congregations worship in 40 countries world-wide, with 12 congregations in the UK.

Living Springs MCC Bath was formed in September 1989 and we have worshipped and shared our faith journeys together ever since.  We currently worship every Sunday in the United Reformed Church Halls, Grove Street, Bath at 6.00pm.

We are a congregation within the Western European Network of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches which includes Churches or affiliated groups in England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Finland and Denmark.

What are MCC services like?

People come to MCC from a variety of traditions and we try to reflect this in our services and by exploring new ways of worshipping. We have a worship ministry team which works to bring us fresh experiences of liturgy and worship styles.

Anyone is welcome to take part in worship and we provide training so that people who are interested may lead worship, celebrate communion or preach, as they feel able.

In our services we use language which, like the Gospel, includes all people. Often, the words used in Churches have reflected society's practices which have excluded women and minorities. We try to avoid this.

Please take time to read some of our sample sermons and look around our website to get a flavour of what we are like.

Can I take Communion?

In MCC we celebrate open communion because we believe that the altar is Christ's table to which Christ invites all people.  All we ask is that you are seeking, in your own way, to meet with God. The wine we use is non-alcoholic.

Do only lesbian and gay people attend MCC?

MCC was founded within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community but its ministry and worship are open to all people.  MCC has many heterosexual members and heterosexual clergy. Sexuality may be an important reason why some people first come to MCC but it is rarely the reason why they stay.

The Church never forgets its special ministry to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people but the Gospel we proclaim is goods news for all human kind whatever their age, race, class, gender or sexuality. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people know what it is like to be excluded and it is important that MCC be a safe worshipping space for ANYONE who wishes to take part.

How do I become a member of the church?

Membership is open to all baptised Christians who

Enquirers classes are offered regularly for those seeking membership or even just interested in finding out more. Ring us for more information.

You can become a member of MCC even if you are a member of another Church.

The Church is democratically run and all members may vote in electing the Pastor and the Church Council. Important decisions are taken by the members in a Congregational Meeting.

Everyone, whether a member or just an occasional attendee, is welcome to share fully in the Church's worship.

How is the Church funded?

The Church is funded solely from within the Congregation.

We are a recognised Charity and can claim tax relief on sums given by Gift Aid. Please ask the Treasurer for more information.  We publish a Report and Accounts each year and keep the Congregation informed on a regular basis of our financial position.